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Quick and safe hair removal using hardwax for your most intimate region. Keep your
hygiene in check, look clean and never have the problem of hair creeping out from the
side of your panty line again!

WHAT IS HOT OR HARD WAXING? Wax is directly applied to the skin. It hardens
when it cooled, allowing the easy removal by the therapist without the aid of strips. This
waxing method is very beneficial to people who have sensitive skin as it does not
remove or grip the skin. For sensitive areas around the Bikini, it is best to use hot wax
as pain is greatly reduced and tearing of the delicate skin is unlikely.

As a top leading beauty parlour, we highly pay attention to cleanliness. Not only
sanitizing all of the equipment and tools before and after usage of each customer,
making things neat and tidy, but we also offer complete shower facilities to our beloved
customers so they can clean up before and after their treatment.

To give the best first time waxing experience for its customers, Pink Parlour therapists
are trained up to the highest hair-removal certification training by our founder herself
Wendi Chan.

So what are you waiting for? Experience our Brazilian Waxing at $41 SAVE 30%.

Not fake news !  No hidden charges! No other conditions!

Visit us at JP1 #03-39.